Yitzchak Ben Yisrael, Chairman

In recent decades, we have witnessed unprecedented development in the field of space research, and in the application of space technologies and their utilization for the benefit of mankind. Applications from the field of space research have provided us with essential information and service, and they promote science, the global economy and our security.

Space sparks the imagination and fascinates people, especially the younger generation. Space encourages children, youth and young adults to explore scientific issues and attracts them to choose careers in the fields of science and technology. Ultimately, the field of space research needs high level experts and it is primarily responsible for their training.

Israel is reaping the benefits of a long successful legacy in the field of space. For decades, it has demonstrated its expertise and capabilities in the field of space science and technology. Israel’s achievements in the field have contributed a great deal to the country’s economy and industry and have improved the economic welfare of its residents.

When Israel’s new civilian space program was launched, it focused on the utilization of space, in order to protect life on Earth and to better understand the universe. Israel considers space a technological incentive, the key to an advanced society, a developed information-based economy and a resource that attracts skilled, high quality professionals. Consequently, the Israel Space Agency aims to enhance and strengthen Israel’s relative advantages in the field and to become affiliated with a member of the exclusive circle of countries that are leaders in the space sectors.

As part of the Agency’s efforts to achieve these goals, Israel is working to expand the scope of its cooperation with countries and institutions engaged in the space sector. Israel aims to work with any country, veterans or those new to the field, who share its commitment to space research and science and to its philosophy, whereby the utilization of space must be conducted peacefully and for the benefit of all mankind.

I wish to thank all those who have contributed to Israel’s efforts in the space sector, who are determined to maintain Israel’s status at the forefront of the international space community.