ISA continues to support the Beresheet2 Lunar Mission

Under donations cutback, SpaceIL is still targeting the moon, seeking new funding
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SpaceIL has updated today that part of its doaners have decided not to continue their investments, for reasons that have nothing to do with the non-profit organization or its Beresheet2 project. 

The Israel Space Agency (ISA) within the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology is proud to take part in the Beresheet2 Lunar Mission, through which the second Israeli spaceship will be built and launched into space.

Israel’s Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology is committed to this groundbreaking project. The Ministry sees great value in the Beresheet 2 initiative and its anticipated contribution to strengthening Israeli innovation, science and space.

Beresheet2 builds on the success of Beresheet1, the first private spacecraft to fly to the moon, which impacted more than 2 million students worldwide, inspiring them to engage in STEM education. Beresheet2 is planned to launch by SpaceIL in 2025.

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